Welcome to Hotel Equatorial Melaka.

One of the oldest and most historical cities in Malaysia, Melaka was once one of the busiest seaports and trading posts in Asia. It is a living museum and melting pot of Portugese, Dutch, British, Indian, Chinese, Arabic and Malay cultures, traditions and cuisine. In fact the dialect the Portugese community speaks here, is an older dialect then the one spoken in Portugal today.

Located in the heart of this UNESCO World Heritage Site is Hotel Equatorial Melaka. Its 476 rooms are within walking distance of centuries-old buildings and forts and modern shopping malls.

Its six delightful dining options all offer delicious local and international fare with generous buffets to whet your appetite. A must try is the Seri Nyonya Peranakan Restaurant serving authentic Peranakan dishes. Peranakan is the local term given to Straits-born-Chinese who have adopted a lot of the Malay ways including the language and cooking.